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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three months!

Our sweet boy is three months old! He just gets sweeter and sweeter by the day too. He currently weighs 12 pounds, 13 ounces is 23 inches long and we just moved to his 6 month clothes.

He does something new everyday. He LOVES to talk. Doctors and nurses are very impressed by the way he coos, smiles and jabbers with them. When I am on the phone he will carry on along with my conversation. Perhaps this is one reason everyone who meets him adores him, and as I found out today some people can't wait to meet him! When he smiles it is not only through his mouth but in his eyes. I know, everyone uses their eyes but his expression is so precious. (I may be slightly partial!) I pray every night we will find the answer to his reflux. I get so excited when something seems to be working only for it not to. I will try everything possible to make him comfortable. Feeding is still challenging. We have awesome days where he takes everything from a bottle and other days he just won't do it. Dr. Bonnet says we are ready for solids and I have been working on him getting used to a spoon so maybe that will make him love to eat! We are making big steps on head control and he is close to rolling so I know those will be coming soon. Jack loves toys especially mirrored and talking ones. Sing-a-majigs are on the top! He is taking naps in the crib some days but is still sleeping in our room at night. He is ready to sleep in the crib but until the reflux is under control I like him in arms reach. I look forward to my morning wake up. He lets out a yell and when I look down from the bed he is smiling and kicking his feet. We just adore him and he has filled out hearts with so much love!

It is crazy how three months can go by so slowly. I feel like the day he was born was so long ago. I reflect on everything we have been through all the time and how much it has changed our lives. It has been hard, and I often wonder who it was harder on, us or him. I know he will not remember a minute of this time, but we always will. We went back to MUSC 2 weeks ago for a swallow study, which he passed (this just means he can drink thin liquids). We visited the PCICU and 8D and it was so good to see everyone! They could not get over how big Jack had gotten and he played his usual possum so no one really got to see his sweet personality. The visit was great but it made me realize how soon we will be there again. After talking to the nurse practitioner she predicted, and unfortunately I agree, he will need the Glenn surgery sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He is growing so quickly and in the past week I have noticed more blueness around his mouth. Just one of the signs the time is getting near. The Glenn will keep us at MUSC for 5 to 10 days and I've been told he will come back pink! We will go in November for the heart cath to officially make the determination. I thought the first time was tough, I cannot imagine this time, especially now that we really know him.

Until then I am just going to enjoy and love the heck out of him. I mean, how can you resist this sweet face!

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