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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ups and downs

Jack is doing amazing! We are down to only a feeding tube and the leads that let them know his heart rate, respiration rate, and oxygen levels. This is awesome because now we can hold him anytime we like!

We are also floor ready and waiting for a room. We love the PCICU nurses and doctors (best in the world in our opinion) but we want to be 24 hour parents we are dying to be. We had our hopes so high we would move up today but the doctors told us they do not like to move the single ventricle heart patients up on the weekends.

Our newest challenge is Jack's feeding. We have officially made four attempts but he tends to get choked on the milk. We are working on the coordination of sucking and swallowing. He has the pacifier down, but when the milk is involved it throws him off. He is going for a swallow study next week just to make sure his throat is doing the right things. Sometimes after heart surgery nerve damage can occur and cause swallowing issues. Praying we are just having coordination issues.

So here are some of out latest pictures. The nurses love his hair in a mowhawk! Last night I changed his hair dew and when we returned this morning we were mowhawked again! It is cute on him though!


  1. The family picture with you holding him makes my heart smile! He is so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it! Praying you three :)

  2. HEY!!! LOVE THE FAMILY PIC!!!! It is long over due!! It also warmed my heart to see yall as a family!!! GREAT PIC!!!! Jack is sooo freaking handsome. Thanks for taking the time out and posting the info and pics. I hope Jackson has a great 1st Father's Day!! Tell him to hold that boy allllll day long tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! As always, love u all and praying!!!!!!!!!!!!