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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy 5 Months Jack!

November 1 this guy was 5 months old!

Weighing in at a whopping 14 pounds 10 ounces! He really starts to feel heavier after about 5 minutes of holding. He is a happy little boy despite all his tummy troubles and has started mocking our sounds and facial expressions. My favorites, one is we pucker our lips at one another and say "hmmm" then I start laughing and he laughs too. The other is I ask if he is huuuuuungry, and he will growl it back to me. He sure thinks his dad is especially funny. Their latest thing is Jackson says "Say Cheeese!" and Jack starts rolling! He is ticklish almost everywhere and I am sure he get tired of us tickling him all the time just to hear him laugh.

We've been trying out sippy cups which he seems to like and if you attempt with one don't try to give him the bottle after. He will just get mad at you. Speech therapy has us working with something called a Z Vibe and he hates it! It is to strengthen his oral muscles. I haven't even made it vibrate yet and he cries. We have to do it three times a day so I am sure he will eventually get used to it, I hope. Everything in his hands goes straight to the mouth and his lower gums look white on certain days so I am thinking teething is not too far.

Physical therapy is going great! He hates it but works so hard! We are working on tummy time still, which he despises. I make him do it anyways. The PT and I both agree that once he strengthens that chest he will be crawling. He's got the legs but that big scar is holding him back. So when you do put him down for tummy time he ends up making himself into a tent on his neck. If he could figure out how to get his arm in the right position he would roll over to his back. Rolling back to sides or tummy is no problem, he just gets mad once he gets to his tummy. He will sit for about a second on his own so I am hoping he will be sitting well in about a month.

His favorite toy is his Scout, a green stuffed dog that sings songs using his name and his favorite things. When he is upset all we have to do is let Scout start singing and he stops crying. Needless to say, I know all the songs by heart after all the times I feed him everyday!

He still sleeps in our room. Until we get his tummy issues figured out I am not comfortable with him in the crib. He loves his sleeper though. I clipped some toys on the sides for him and he happily plays until he falls asleep. He has started sucking his thumb too which I think is really sweet. Someone said to me " Oh no, you need to stop that!" I have no intention to. If he is still doing it in a year we will address it then, but for now it is sweet.

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