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Monday, November 28, 2011


Nope, I don't mean next Wednesday. I mean this one, as in day after tomorrow. November 30th. I got a phone call at about 7pm and on the other end was one of those voices you never forget. He didn't even need to tell me who he was, it was Dr. Bradley. He presented us with the date and the other option was to wait until sometime in January, he wasn't sure when he could do it. He strongly urged us to go forward with it because the shunt won't last forever. We decided if that was what was best for Jack, then we would do it. So we are headed down tomorrow for his preliminary work up and surgery will be Wednesday morning. I don't have many details yet, and about a thousand questions so I will let you all know more tomorrow.

Until then, please pray.


  1. Praying and praying some more. Love and hugs to your precious family.

  2. Thank you for calling today. We are praying for all of you, especially Jack, and the amazing medical team that will care for him. We love you! Prayers for peace and hope!

  3. Melissa,
    I don't know if you remember me but I met you and Jackson in Walmart once when you were pregnant. Jackson and Aaron have been friends for a while through Andrew Bemis.
    Anyway, we will be praying hard for your sweet boy. Prayers have helped us so much in the last several mos after the loss of our precious angel boy Ashley who went to heaven at 20 mos after a tree limb fell on his head.

    God bless,
    PS- We love Dr. Bonnett too! He is the best!

  4. You dont know me but i came across jacks blog from a friend on facebook! May God be w him and yall and give u strength!! Prays are with yall!! Dr bonnett is that the same one that is with chapin pediatrics?