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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Surgery Thursday

So there has been a slight change in plans. There was an emergency in the PCICU and one of those babes needs operated on. So Jack is being pushed to Thursday, 7:30 am.

I was in pre-op today until after 6pm. My head has been spinning with all the details of the days ahead. The outlook is very good and there are a few things we will be looking out for. One, a fatty drainage around the heart that would be treated with a special diet. The other is part of Jack's anatomy that could cause him to have a heart attack, but they do not expect this outcome. Just like anything they have to tell you the worst scenario. Other facts I learned were he may be irritable from a headache caused by the change in the way the blood flows in his head and he will actually be bluish until he heals. Sorry I am so vague on details. There is just so much and I am still trying to put it all in order! I can answer questions, though. Please let me know any specific questions.

I could kick myself for not taking a picture of him today. He has so much personality. He only slept a max of 30 minutes the whole time we were there! He did not want to miss greeting anyone who walked by. His favorite was the attending who was barley able to wash her hands because he was saying what sounded like "hey" over and over. When she acknowledged him he would just laugh! It was absolutely precious!

Thank you all so, so much for your support and prayers. We are so lucky for each and every one of you!

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  1. I did not get my email update to know you had posted but glad I checked the blog because I was wondering how he did today & now I can get in a few more prayers before surgery tomorrow :)! The story about him flirting with the attending made my day! What a sweet boy! Keep us updated on how surgery goes- until then, all our love and prayers!!