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Friday, July 10, 2015

Feverish day

Jack had another rough day today. It was so sad since yesterday he felt so good! Jackson and I have been keeping a hotel room for a few additional nights to try and catch up on all the sleep we missed last week. Last night was my night to sleep there and he called me early to let me know Jack's oxygen stats were low. I hurriedly got ready and he called again to let me know they thought his pulse ox band wasn't reading well and he looked good again. When I arrived I kissed his head and though he was feeling warm. His stats were lower than they had been and so I asked for a temp. It was slightly elevated but he had just gotten a dose of Tylenol.  During rounds they let us know his X-ray looked awesome and that it was time to pull the chest tubes because they had essentially worked their way out. They also wanted to stop Tylenol to see his actual temperature.  Some heavy drugs were given so he wouldn't remember the tube pull and they came out great!
A short time later his lunch arrived.  He quickly lost it and had an oxygen drop. Following his oxygen went from the 60s to the 90s and everywhere in between. His toes and fingers were extremely blue and his face was ashen. Jackson and I were extremely worried along with all the nurses and physicians assistant. By the time the docs got to his room most of his color had returned and his stats were good. There are lots of new nurses on the floor and most don't know Jack's baseline but thankfully there was one nurse that knew him well! She told the docs that he had not been himself all day and that he is usually waving and blowing kisses to everyone. He hadn't said a word all day! After about an hour of me expressing my concerns to everyone they agreed something else non-cardiac was going on. Blood work showed elevated white blood cell count which would explain his fever and how terrible he's been feeling, but what it is is unclear. They are checking for blood infections, urine and viral swabs. One of his ears looks irritated so I'm hoping it just an ear infection and he's been through so much it's hard on him. I will know more tomorrow.
Poor Jack. I just feel so bad for him right now. Hoping he can start feeling better tomorrow.

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