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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Peds Cardiac Step Down Unit

Jack had a good day today. This morning in rounds the docs asked if we would be comfortable moving to the step down unit. He was stable and they needed the bed space for some sick children (prayers for all those babies and children). They knew he was ready but wanted to make sure we were on the same page after all he's been through. I had a lot of reservations but realized that it wouldnt matter if it were today, tomorrow or next week I probably wouldn't be 100% ready anytime in the near future. We agreed to move as long as they watched for a bit as they were weaning the last IV medications. Everything went well so we headed up to 8D. In his new room he can have more visitors and he loved seeing his brother. As soon as they saw one another they kissed and hugged, shared toys and snacks, and played. They had missed one another.
Today an ultrasonic saline mist therapy was started on the burns on his skin and they will know in a few days if it is helping. It amazes me the things that help us heal! This evening Jack's pain got ahead of his medications but I think we have it back under control. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it is to have a tube going between your ribs on both sides!
We had a special visitor this morning in the PCICU. Rebecca and her beautiful children came to deliver the baskets they put together for the newborn babies with special hearts, in honor of her angel Annabelle. It is such a nice thing to receive and helps the new moms "dress" their babies the only way you can when you can't hold your baby! She's also so supportive to CHD moms and she and her husband have been to Jackson and I.
Our plan for now is to hang around here and watch these chest tubes. We are so nervous to even think about leaving MUSC, or Charleston. I'm sure we will get there but we are taking it one day at a time!

Resting in his new room!

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