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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Restful night and day

Jack had a wonderful night and day. He is not consider critical so his shift nurse will now have 2 patients instead of just him.  He has gone from 4 liters of oxygen on Sunday to none today! They are weaning all his IV medications and working toward oral medication. Today his platelets were up, from his transfusion yesterday, so they will look at them again Tuesday morning to make sure they are holding steady. His liver is still healing but is almost normal levels. Chest tube drainage is minimal but he started eating today and will probably have an increase overnight. Overall he is doing really well, is weak and sleepy, but loving snuggle time! So am I because it is healing my heart too!

There is talk of sending him to 8D, MUSC's cardiology step down unit Tuesday. Jackson and I are very nervous about the move because it was only days ago we were told he may not even make it. We will probably ask for one more night to ease some of our fears. Over the last few days he has had a lot of medication weaned. This concerns us because many of these medications can only be administered in the PCICU. His chest tube drainage has more than cut in half everyday. This is partially because he has not eaten and because he has been responding well to a medication they weaned today. He just was pulled from oxygen and began eating solids. Considering all these variables,  we would like to stay one more day to watch him. It's easier to go up than down and the life saving tools are in arms reach in the PCICU.  I hate sounding so negative but I want to be realistic!

Jack is looking great overall! He has some medicine burns on his forearm from Wednesday where they pumped in the life saving medications. They are internal but seem to be working outward. The wound care specialists will begin an ultrasonic therapy on those burns tomorrow to begin their healing. The hope is that his skin will not start to break which would put him at an infection risk.

Thank you for your continued prayers for him! We have been so overcome by the outpouring of love! We appreciate all the prayers and reassurance!

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