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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Slowing it down

Poor Jack. Today was much the same as yesterday. He's very pale and puny. I'm working on my communication with the docs because I'm trying to tell them Jack is sick and they keep explaining how the fenestration works. Two days ago Jack was happy and pink and he had two chest tube.  His stats were in the 80s even through the night. Yesterday without chest tubes and today he's got lower stats, ran fevers, hasn't played or talked much. Something's brewing but I don't know what. I hope last nights rosephin helped but I also hope it didn't mask it. His X-ray today showed pulmonary edema in his right lung. Today they also decided to drop a dose of lasix. I think we need to slow the train and give Jack some healing time! It was just over a week we were told we may lose him. Tomorrow the plan is for a full blood work panel and X-ray. I'm sure he will be on oxygen by morning because he's been destating at night and they will likely be adding the lasix dose back. Jack is slow and steady and he needs that for his healing. Hopefully tomorrow I can fight for him so he can get the time his sweet self needs!

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