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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Home sweet home!

We finally made it home on Thursday! There was a lot of debate about Jack being on oxygen and after lots of consideration it was decided for Jack to sleep on oxygen. I honestly was confused about the debate because I thought Jack slept better on the oxygen and his saturations weren't teriffingly low as they were without. Without he dipped into the 50s. That's scary! I called Jacks home cardiologist because as we all know, some docs are easier to talk to than others. He is so wonderful and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the oxygen.  I was all for it once he explained it! The oxygen is essentially therapy for Jack's lungs because it relaxes the pulmonary vessels to allow more blood in to be oxygenated. Then your vessels begin to have "memory" and stay relaxed. It doesn't always work but we need it to so Jack can be accepting to the new plumbing of the Fontan. Since we arrived home Jackson and I have been determining the safest way to do the night oxygen since there are cords in the bed and the best ways to keep it in his nose. We tried not to use tape since his skin is so sensitive, but ultimately had to use tape, and found some tape that doesn't seem to breakdown his skin so much. We've slept a lot and all of us are almost settled in again and not so exhausted!
Tonight Jackson and I were watching Jack play and apparently thinking the same thing. Jackson looked at me and said,  "Doesn't it seem surreal that just two weeks ago we almost lost him and now he's sitting here playing and everything is ok. It feels like that was forever ago!" It is weird how quickly things went for horrible to good. I think we both have compartmentalized it in our heads and that is amazing to me. It's a God thing and we both said when it went down, either way God's got this! We prayed for him to take care of our boy but give us more time and he did. I don't want either of us to go back to those emotions again and I hope that we won't have to. For now we've decided no worries and we have to live in the moment and love our kids like crazy! What else can we do- God's got this!
Thank all of you for all your prayers. We know there were so many coming in and He was listening. Jack is so lucky to have so many amazing people in his life with so much love to share with him!
Next followup is Tuesday here in Columbia and the following will be in Charleston. He will be watched closely for a while, and that makes me feel good! He's is great hands!

Some photos since leaving the hospital! He is sure happy being home!!!

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