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Monday, July 6, 2015

Successful PICC placement

THANK YOU for all the prayers, thoughts, and love for Jack. I am amazed and emotional over what a resilient boy he is and how many lives he has touched in 4 years! We appreciate the support everyone has given us!
As I'm sure you can imagine, this morning was filled with nerves for Jackson and I. We spoke with the cardiologists and anesthesiologists, asked them lots of questions and voiced our concerns. They shared our concerns and explained their plan to get through the procedure as quickly and easily as possible. He had several risks, mostly his episodes in the past days but also the fact that he has had several PICC lines can make placement more difficult.  He had to receive donor platelets before hand because he had bottomed out and they were not coming up.
The procedure only took one hour! They had told us two but I think that was so I wouldn't have a panic attack if they went over the normal amount of time. The were able to only use a mild amount of sedation so he could breathe on his own the entire time. He has fewer medicine lines now and it sounds like he will have even less by day's end.
I never took any pictures of him Wednesday, Thursday or Friday because I never want to think of him like that again! I can say that he has made a huge turn. He's warm and pink and I want him to stay that way! In the days ahead they will keep weaning medications and oxygen, watching his platelets and liver, and monitoring his chest tube drainage. He's had significant output. He drained a liter the moment they placed the chest tube. His five day total is 3.02 liters or 12.75 cups. He's on a medication to help dry the effusions but he is reaching the time limit he can be on it. Also he has not eaten (he's back on the fat free/low fat diet) and when he does it will his output increase some. We got lots of hurdles to overcome but he has made a dramatic turn. Thank you for praying for this sweet boys recovery!

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